Any ladies own Indigo vernis pieces?

  1. My friend recently got the Houston tote in indigo and I absolutely fell in love with the color! Do any of you ladies own any vernis items in indigo? I have not seen many posts on this color. I would love to see some pics of other vernis in this color.

    I've been obsessing over the idea of getting a cles recently (first I was contemplating the white MC, then fuschia perfo, now the indigo vernis). They are all so different I will probably get all of them eventually; however I think I will try to locate the indigo cles first since it's already discontinued.
  2. I don't but I'd love to see it in person. I hear it's beautiful!
  3. I don;t have it but here are the pics:

  4. Thank you for the post bagsnbags! I am truly in love with this color!
  5. NO problem..I know it's gorgeous..
  6. I love indigo too! I want something in it ... :biggrin:
  7. I have the ingigo "lovely" tambour watch. She is so pretty! Here are some pictures of her.


  8. Wow, that watch is beautiful!
  9. Oooh that watch is gorgeous !

    Indigo is such a lovely colour, and it's one of the darker vernis so you can be less wary about colour transfer.
  10. I LOVE that watch!! mmmmm I love it just as much as mine! lol I loooooooooooove the color blue!!! mmmmmmm
  11. That watch is TDF! :love:
  12. That color is so gorgeous IRL. Def one of my fav vernis colors. Edit to add that that watch is amazing! :love: :love:
  13. Gosh that color is soo beautiful, and that watch is gorgeous
  14. Indigo, indigo how I love thee!!

    That watch is TDF!

    I have much Indigo Love with my cles and agenda. I'm slowly working on an indigo collection. The toll free number should be able to locate you a cles.

    Here's mine:
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