Any ladies interested in a local Chanel tPF Meet in Singapore?

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  1. Calling all ladies living in Asia!

    I was thinking we could do a meet up and get to know each other better irl , share our common interests (Chanel lol) and such!

    Any ladies interested? We could do lunch / afternoon tea!

    Hopefully we could do a meet up before Christmas.. ;)

    What do you ladies think? :love:
  2. I'm in

    Brunch sounds good :yahoo:
  3. Cool I could come but I'll need to see which day before I confirm cos I'll be off on vacation in mid-December! :smile:
  4. Count me in!!! Lunch/afternoon tea sounds great esp. if it's Saturday.
  5. What????!!!!!!! I just cancel my Spore trip for next week. Hahahhha...The thread came up too late lah. It would be so cool to meet up with tpf gals
  6. Sounds gd! Count me in if you have decide a date/time, I know another pfer that i know will be interested too, both of us do meet up pretty often!
  7. Hey Cher :smile: what a great idea!! Would love to meet up with tpfers. Sadly work's crazy at the moment and will probably be that way till end of the year. But please lemme know when and what you gals decide. Would so love to attend if I can squeeze it in between my crazy schedule!
  8. okay ladies!! let's wait for a while more to see if we get any more responses and then we could decide where to have it? saturday sounds good! so let's set it on a saturday tentatively? :graucho:
  9. Cher, not even sure if I can make it, but Sat is a good bet :yes:
  10. Ooh! It sounds really good! Saturday brunch sounds nice.
  11. Hi hi, haven't been able to log in for the past week and a half. A meet up sounds good! I'm fine with sat but will be overseas from 14 to 31 Dec. Any sat before that should be ok for me! Can't wait to meet fellow tpfers! Thanks for organising ladydeluxe!

  12. Is that me???:graucho: I have 9 more week before I deliver and these days I just feel like rolling around...If I can make it, i will definately come!!!
  13. Meetup sounds great! I'd love to but not sure if I can make it any Saturday this year haha... Wedding is in 3 wks' time and there is so much to do before that! After 15 Dec, will be on my honeymoon till Jan 08. Maybe we can schedule another meetup next year too? For the gals who miss this one :p
  14. okay ladies, we shall keep the date tentatively on a Saturday for brunch/lunch. for those who can make it in dec, let's all set a date here? what do you think?
  15. Absolutely, That's u!!.....i know ur due date is ard Feb....hopefully they are not targetting a later date, hopefully early dec:flowers:
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