Any ladies here with jobs that are "looked down" upon or you are unhappy with?

  1. thanks. I just need to learn to stop worrying about other people and what they think. It's tough though!
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    ...and society and education. we live in a world where everyone's taught that they're "special" and they can "do whatever they want to do and be whatever they want to be". and then the competitiveness: it's surprising that only Singaporean culture has a word for it ("kiasu"). i was fed with these sugar-coated ideas in school, while being pushed around by demanding parents. nobody tells you the reality of this dog-eat-dog, Battle Royale-like world. and nobody teaches you that for there to be small fish in the bigger pond, there should be even smaller fish. some of us were brought up to be the lead actress, and not to accept supporting roles. meh. when in reality most of us just end up as extras and we all think there's something wrong with being an extra. if everyone was a lead actress, the only extra left by the end would be the real lead. LOL. whatever. i just don't get why many of us are so competitive and greedy. :oh: i know most people will say it's terrible advice to tell people to settle with being an extra, a nobody. but if it keeps us happy, then why the hell not?

    i know "poker player" doesn't sound prestigious. but i guess it's kind of like the "photogenic question", you know? would you rather be photogenic or not? look great in a picture and dissapoint them when you meet in person, or look like crap and look great in person. i'm not photogenic (in the past 3-4 years, i've only had about 3-5 presentable pictures or simply pictures that look anything like me let alone flattering ones, i only have had one flattering picture in the past 5 years), but i wouldn't want it any other way. it's okay to be "poker player" as long as you're not committing crimes and you pay the rent. but when people get to know you in person, maybe they'll find value in you. OTOH, i've noticed that many, MAAAAANY positions have cool job titles (i'm talking about including the word "executive", "officer", "manager", "director", etc. in their important-sounding job titles) and their job descriptions aren't as cool as their job titles sound. the job title is the photo (flattering or not) and the real you is your income. you're just like an unphotogenic person who looks great in real life. ;)

    so true. being an admin assistant to C-suite is like being C-suite in the admin world. you know you've made it. i used to wonder "why would someone that age want to put up with admin work? isn't that the intern's job?" oh, boy, when i learned how much they earn. :shocked: phew. i actually used to feel sorry for them because i thought they were working age-innapropriate jobs (i guess that makes me an idiot).

    i'd say that although high-level admin assistants have no authority, they certainly do have a lot of power. piss them off and you're screwed. that, or maybe i've been watching too much Mad Men. :lol:

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  4. I think no matter what job you have, someone will always find a reason to look down upon you!!!

    I'm a female in medical school and I constantly have people tell me that I'm ruining my life because I'm choosing school over settling down and getting married. People tell me how I will have infertility issues if I wait too long to have children, or that I'll be too old to get married, etc etc. I've also had people tell me its awful that I plan on working after I have children, because I should become a SAHM. It's ridiculous! AAAAAND lets not forget the people who think doctors are a bunch of cheats/liars who just steal money from their patients by prescribing unneccessary things.

    IMO the only person you can please is yourself. If you are happy with your job then thats all that matters and you have tune everyone else out.
  5. Interesting thread. I currently am an administrator which is definitely looked down upon. Sadly i don't make a good salary but it could be worse.

    Regarding people looking down on others because of their job. Thats a shame. Not everyone can have fantastic jobs etc. The way i look at it is that as long as your working and contributing to society, what does it matter what your job is?

    Also for stay at home mums and fathers. I thinks its wonderful what you guys do. I don't understand why anyone would look down upon it.

    As for the original poster. Your job sounds great and you have a fantastic salary. You could always save up and retrain etc. Alot of people are in jobs they hate with no options but to stay in them because they cannot afford to retrain for another career.

    Money gives you options. Consider yourself blessed.

    Finally please people do not let other peoples opinion of you get you down. You have the one life to live. Enjoy it. So what if others look down on your job? You are not unemployed and are doing something positive with your life.
  6. I am an office worker and i have been thinking a lot about my job lately nd the value of my life. The conclusion that i have reached is that life is too short to be working in a job that you dont enjoy, and we should all do what we feel right about doing and not what everyone else thinks. The sad truth is that too often we let other people's perception drive us and we are left being unhappy because of comments people make. In retrospect i just want to be happy and enjoy what i do without having to worry about if i am getting paid top dollar for my job. As much as i love money, having other successes in life (e.g. Having a family, have hobbies that ou enjoy, being able to go on holidays, being healthy, etc) are much more valuable.
    Everyone should have their own definition of success and not have to worry about what other people think because it's our lives after all!