Any Lacoste polo shirts on sale

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  1. Does anyone know about any sales going on for polos short sleeve?:graucho:
  2. if you have a lacoste outlet near you that may not be a bad place to start. i also saw them on sale at macy's.
  3. yeah, they sometimes have sales at Macys and sometimes in the sales racks too. My BF was able to get some in the sale racks a few months ago for like 20 dollars or 25 i think.. pretty great deals... but goodluck
  4. Yes, just called dales right now :sad: except 25% off 99.00
  5. They have a ton of stuff on up to 50% sale on their website. And selection of colors better than on big sales in department stores.
  6. I was at the Lacoste outlet at Woodbury yesterday and all their polos were on sale.
  7. The outlet in riverhead had them for about $30.
  8. I would skip the outlets all together unless you're a size 6 or larger for men or size 34 or 42 for women. Those are the only sizes that are in abundance out at the outlet. Lacoste is still having their semi-annual sale, but I think that it ends today or tommorow.
  9. Agreed, they had a great sale with 50% off polos but this was about 5 weeks ago.
  10. Blue Elephant has them for a reasonable price--around 30-50 last I checked. They marked them down a little bit more at this consolidation sale this weekend so it might still be the lower price.