Any LA-ers know if MOCA still has the Murakami agendas?

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  2. i haven't been there in some time.. but i know the multicolour was sold out. they still had the other kinds, but again.. it was awhile back!
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  4. I think they do. My friend bought me the mono agenda jan 5th.
    They only had that and the neverfull pm i believe.
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  6. I just gt back fro L.A they only had the monogram murakami agenda and the Neverfull PM, EVERYTHING else is gone and they say since it's only a month to the end of the exhibit they will not be restocking, oh and they only had very very few of the Neverfull PM's left, I wasn't impressed they should at least have spread out stuff so it would last till Feb, I wanted the MM and the ronde but I was only gonna keep them as part of my collection so not a huge loss but I just stocked up on the actual Murakami store.
  7. how much is the mono moca agenda?
  8. I believe its about 500USD, 550USD with tax...

    You can check out the reference thread for limited edition bags. :smile:

  9. MOCA Prices:

    Porte Monnaie Ronde $270
    Monogram Agenda $500
    Multicolore Agenda $700
    Neverfull PM $860
    Neverfull MM $940
    Neverfull GM $960

    ^^^^ Information from the following thread:

    ----> 2007 Special Edition MOCA Releases <----
  10. I was there on Friday 1/11 and bought their last Monogram agenda. They said that there will be no more shipment. The only thing left as of 1/11 is the Neverfull PM, and there are not many. They even ran out of the LV receipts. They had to use a regular A4 paper to print it. I guess by next weekend they will sell out everything.