Any La Canadienne boots owners here?

  1. In my search for the perfect everyday but fashionable boots, I stumbled upon this brand and started taking a closer look at this line. The fact that they're waterproof is a big plus and most of the styles are really beautiful and look comfortable. Just hoping those who are familiar with this brand can share your experience with it. Thanks!
  2. Yes - they are very good. They're made in Canada and we have tough winters here! They are one of my favorites for stylish but functional winter boots.
  3. Thanks! If only they weren't so pricey, I'd be buying more than a pair. All the styles from knee-high to just plain booties are so adorable!
  4. La Canadienne, along with Aquatalia, are my ADORED boots!!! They are so comfy and well-made. I have two pairs, and will spring for another next month. They are the BEST! (They do run a bit large, I wear a 6.5, and could get by with a 6, but prefer to have a bit of room.) I live in snowy upstate NY, so good boots are a necessity. I do wish La Canadienne would make more styles with heels though. They sell out so quickly on every online site. I have a flat pair and a pair with a low (2') heel.
  5. Me! I LOVE them. Many people I know who own them have had them for several years and they have not lost their waterproofing. (If thats the right word!)

    I just purchased my first pair a few weeks ago (these - & they are very very comfortable and warm. Despite the price I think its worth investing in a pair, if you live in a northern climate.

    You can search here to find a store near you that sells La Canadienne:
  6. Digging up an old thread...

    Are these boots really WATERPROOF? Does that mean its suede but won't get too badly spoiled in the slush... Or do they really mean that your feet will stay dry in the slush?

    Nordstrom has one on sale right now that I really like (Secret in black suede:

    But I've never even tried on this brand before so not sure what to expect.

    I want black boots to go over jeans, leggings, etc.
  7. From the time I posted that question, I've since owned four La Canadienne boots. I've used them in the snow and the suede has held up nicely against slush. I just make sure to brush any snow or dirt off once I get home. A plus is the non-skid bottom. Now is a good time to buy a pair as the regular price can be quite expensive. However I have to warn you they run pretty narrow.
  8. i had a leather pair and a suede pair a few years ago, and they were both good at keeping my feet dry even when i was stepping in those big slushy puddles.

    good brand. not particularly trendy, but cute/nice plus good quality and warm for winter. the best are the ones that are leather and have the fuzzy lining, but i also like the ones you picked out brokeshopper, especially for tucking your pants into.