Any Koobas on sale at Nordstrom??

  1. Hi

    I just recently learned that Nordstrom sells Kooba! (i mostly do all my handbag shopping on line and they don't sell them on line) but anyway, i was wondering if anyone has noticed if they ever have sales on Koobas there??

  2. The Baltimore Nordstroms (Towson) carries a ton of them. I've never seem them in the Rack yet however.
  3. I know off saks fifth ave had many many koobas at unbelievable prices...don't know if that helps your nordstrom question!!
  4. the reason was no other than i got a fresh new card with no balance on it yet.... :graucho:

    thanks though!
  5. I'm not sure about Koobas going on sale at Nordstrom, but if you are near a Saks Off 5th outlet, I saw plenty off Koobas there yesterday.
  6. Which Saks outlet-what city?:confused1:
  7. that's where I got my Kooba Marcelle... in San Marcos, TX.
  8. Eluxury as well as Neiman marcus have some on sale online.
  9. I was just at nordstroms and they were all full price.
  10. I see them at Nordstrom's but never on sale.

    Has anyone seen the Jillian at Off 5th? If so, let me know what location. I plan to pick one off when they get there.
  11. I've seen Koobas at Off 5th, but not the Jillian as yet. But if I see one, ladysales.....I'll race you to it!!!!!
  12. Compass Rose...if we get to her at the same time, we each pay half. We alternate weeks carrying her.

  13. Leesburg VA
  14. Well, I'm in Florida.......have seen them in two Saks outlets here so far..........