Any Kooba Lovers Out There?

  1. I don't seem to hear anyone talking about their obsession with Kooba bags!! I
    consider myself a lover of all bags. Have an extensive collection of LV, Gucci, Fendi, Chloe, Prada, one lovely Chanel and 2 Koobas. One off white Sienna, and one Raisin Paige. I love the quality of the Kooba bags, the insides are the softest suede ever. And the prices are so reasonable! Just wondering if anyone loved Kooba out there!
  2. If you do a little research you'll see a lot of discussion about kooba bags...and a lot of kooba bag lovers too. :smile:
  3. Are you kidding me? I have 12 Koobas and 2 more coming this Spring. They are my favorite bag thus far with Botkier, Gryson, and Balenciagas close behind.
    I think I talk about Kooba too much on here. I can't imagine you haven't seen the threads. They are probably on back pages.
    My only Kooba complaint is that the suede lining is not tacked down.
  4. got 2 koobas... love them both and will probably purchase more in the future. only thing is they don't have a large variety of colors. i don't want to get every bag in brown or black.
  5. for the Spring line. There is a beautiful slate-ish blue coming out.
  6. I only have one Kooba - but I love it! I love the suede lining, and I love how the leather just gets better with wear.
  7. My Paige in Raisin is one of my most-carried bags! I love design and the quality - especially for the price!
  8. I just bought a Sienna a few weeks ago, and I love it. I carry it everywhere.
  9. Oh, yes...I love them! Although I haven't caught up to alot of the gals here (as I only have four) I am looking to add some more. Lexie2000...slate-gray, you say? Oh, no! I'm a goner! I am considering sending back my Paige as it really is too large for me, I'm sorry to say. There seem to be quite a few Kooba fans on tpf!
  10. Take a Peek at these girls!!! That Nina is MINE!!!!


  11. Don't know much about them but Yes i really like the Sienna & have seen a few other styles that i like!
  12. Lexie2000...thanks so much for posting the pics and raising the anticipation level for Koobas new bags! The Nina and Nicole are gorgeous bags...and that blue is "the berries". (as my 107 yr. old grandma would say). In fact, I pretty much like the shape of all of the bags. I can't wait to see which bags come in which colors...but I guess that I will have to wait, dang it! Thanks again for having the "inside scoop" on the new Kooba bags and sharing it with us all.
  13. I love Kooba. I have 2 - a black Claudia (which I adore) I wear it at least 3 -4 times a week and the Ada (it's also beautiful) The Ada is heavy, but i don't carry it as often. I can't wait for the Spring line to come out (the leather not patent ones!!)
  14. Although I think they're beautifully made, and I love the leather exterior and suede interior, I have the Paige and think that's it for me with Kooba. The bag is just too heavy, and there's something about the size/shape/strap length, or a combination of these things that makes it uncomfortable to carry. I've got my eye open for some lighter weight brands.
  15. I think Kooba does some great designs. I'm doing a little Kooba fling this summer away from LV.