Any knowledgeable ladies willing to help? =)

  1. Just a question.. if we lose an accessory from our LV bags.. i.e. a clochette. Can we ever buy them from LV? :confused1: Or is that impossible? :sad:

  2. its possible i think the vachetta clochette is about $25.00
  3. I know people have gotten replacement clochettes from LV b4 so shouldn't be a problem unless its an discontinued item.
  4. Yep, you can purchase clochettes, it may be a special order item tho (repairs), so you might have to wait a bit for one to come in.. just for you ! :yes:
  5. ooo.. so its possible to purchase a clochette from the suhali line? :girlsigh: thank you so much ladies. Your responses were speedier than i expected!!! Much appreciated!!

  6. It should be.