Any know what the retail was on the mono klara?

  1. Does anyone know what the retail price was on the mono klara. I just purchased one from let-trade but I have no idea what the original price was. Thanks. :smile:
  2. i think i bought mine last March from an LV store for 1240 plus tax.
  3. The retail price for Monogram Canvas Klara was indeed $1,240 USD.
  4. That's so crazy- can you imagine how fast a rerelease would sell out if it was that price?
  5. Such a pretty bag! Congrats! I'd love to have the mono Mizi. Love the Klara too!
  6. i wish i had gotten a klara instead of my mizi. i'm in the process of selling the mizi but i cant find a klara, lucky you
  7. mine was 1100, but after taxes it came to 1218. (have to check the receipt, but i'm pretty positive...)