Any Kiehl's product recommendations?

  1. Hi Girls! This is my first post in the Beauty Bar. I received a gift card for Kiehl's for my birthday. Does anyone have any recommendations for their products? I've never shopped there before.

    A little info about me: I'm not into using a lot of products. I have fairly sensitve skin, with oily and dry areas on the face.

    If you have ever tried any of their face or body products, please let me know if they are any good!

  2. I love their tinted moisturizer.

    I also love their eye cream (the little one in the black tub)
  3. their lip balm! its the best. They also have new lipgloss out and they are quite good, moisturing and not sticky.
    Creme de corp cream, its a thick body lotion unscented - great overall body lotion.
    I also like their hand and body lotion which is lighter than the crem de corp, the one with the coriander scent is very fresh and light.
    They make a conditioner with cocunut and it makes your hair really soft.
  4. I love there lotion. " Creme de Corp"(light weight body lotion) and Handslave
  5. thanks a lot! if anyone else has any suggestions, please add! :yes:
  6. My hubby used the crystal marine cream for his oily/dry combo face and he likes it. Not greasy, just enough moisture, and I did see an improvment on his skin.
  7. Their sunscreen is the best I've ever used.
  8. I LOVE their Silk Straightening Hair Cream, but found that their Foaming Non-Detergent Washable Cleanser made my face break out.
  9. Their lip balm #1. Personally I find that Kiehl's doesn't suit my skin type, but maybe their hair products are good.
  10. their makeup remover is AMAZING. i have had the same bottle for well over a year because it is a lotion remover so you dont have to use much and its very gentle.
  11. calendula alcohol free toner

    #1 lip balm

    creme de corps
  12. ultimate strength hand cream. The best cream for winter hands.
  13. I use Creme de Corps, body scrub & the lip balm. Love them all!!
  14. I use thier hair wax/mold. it works soo well! No dried flakes here!
  15. Check out their website and look at the products for sensitive skin.
    I have used their cleansers before and love their rose petal toner. I love their shampoos and conditioner. They also have a product that you leave in your hair before styling and it is great--I think it was called silk groom. Their bubble bath is great--lots of wonderful scents. Everything I tried from them I liked.