Any KIEHLS Discount code?

  1. Please!!!
  2. The only code I know of is for complimentary ground shipping for orders over $40 placed through April 16. Use code NYC at checkout
  3. Thanks Bagachondriac!!
  4. I was surprised to see that Target is now carying the brand.
  5. Isn't it great when we have coupon codes to post, even if we can't use them ourselves? I have never used this brand. Are there any certain products that you would recommend?
  6. it's available in target now? wow! bagachondriac, the avocado eye cream, tinted moisturizers, night creams, lip glosses, silk creme for hair, and of course the often talked about lip balm #1 (best lip balm in the whole world, trust me) are great. def worth a try!
  7. I love their deluxe hand & body lotion, in the grapefruit scent!