Any Kate Spade fans here?

  1. The Kate Spade website has a 20% additional discount off the sale item bags. And they also offer free shipping for purchases above $250.00. I just ordered the Lake Forest Mallie bag for $236.80. Originally it was $395.00. I've never tried Kate Spade but have been eyeing a lot of her leather styles. This suede one really jumped at me and the sale price just made me take the plunge! Here is a pic.
  2. I like Kate Spade bags. They are understated and well made.
  3. Glad to know they are well made. Can't wait to get my bag. I really like her simple yet functional style.
  4. I have the Black Serena Medium Hobo, and the leather is just amazing. It's a gorgeous, but understated bag. It's perfect with just about anything! It holds a lot and stands up nicely, but has a great slouch when carried over the shoulder.
  5. I'm a big fan of kate spade bags. They're pretty and functional. I got 5 in my collection.
  6. I've been considering her Serena styles. I agree that the leather ones are amazing. I just wish it came in a smaller size. I tried the new flat one at Nordstrom and it was quite big on me. I saw they had a smaller version but it was in nylon and from what I've read on this board, the nylon does not hold up well through time:sad:
  7. I didn't use to like them, but I find I like more and more of them now. Mostly because they have some smaller bags, and I'm tired of all these huge bags. I just don't carry THAT much stuff around. I have a small flat Serena, and I really like it. Very lightweight. And I know when I get tired of it, my daughter will love it!
  8. I liked them in the beginning, then not at all, and now they are really doing some gorgeous stuff. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for the post!