Any code??

  1. I just missed the 40% off code for on Jan 30th! I'm so mad! Is there another one? You think they will have more?
  2. Send Melinda an email at She'll be able to tell you. Tell her that you read about her and Kale on the Purse Forum, and that others have recommended their bags. Maybe she can help you out-she was great to work with.:yes:
  3. Thanks! I'll try! You got the Tate in Lawn right? Did you receive it yet?
  4. Yes, I've had it about a month and it's really a great bag! I'd post real life pics, but my son has our digital camera at school.:sad:
  5. thanks for the great info! I have been eyeing up a few at a local botique.....I think I am going this afternoon to get one. The leather is so soft. If it is gone, I'm going to call Melinda!
  6. Cool! Thanks! I got the utility bag in black from eBay. Also think that I will get one at the botique.....I need to stop!!!