Any JUICY fans here??


Mar 15, 2006
Since I am very new to this forum, I'm not sure if this has been posted but does anyone here like Juicy bags??

I used to be a huge fan of Coach in terms of the lower price-point bags but now I'm moving away from Coach and into Juicy. Their leather bags are sooo soft and their designs are so fun. The only bag I have at the moment is a baby fluff but I'm addicted!!

Any other Juicy fans on here??!! Check in! And if so, which bags do you have?
I bought some of Juicy coz it's so cute.
I didn't see ppl here chat about Juicy that much, but post the picture and show us your Juicy collections.

I have the one with cherry print on and gold chain handle.
Yes...Their leather are so cute and soft huh.
I Adore some Juicy bags! I will definately be adding one to my collection after I get through with some other pieces that I need to obtain first. I love the fun look of their bags. Definately different and I love seeing new style's rather than bags that look just like other bags.
Juicy bags are more expensive than COACH bags :huh: Kind of weird, kind of not. . .

Anyway, yes I love juicy couture. A lot a lot a lot. I only have one bag from jc but the vachetta is so soft and the color is so fun and cute. Its just really fun, ahha.
I saw the beach tote! It is so cute and it looks like it could fit everything. Too bad we don't have beaches in Alberta hehe

I really like the tie-dye daydreamers too and the new embroidered flowers line. My only worry about terry is if it got dirty.