Any JUICY fans here??

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  1. Since I am very new to this forum, I'm not sure if this has been posted but does anyone here like Juicy bags??

    I used to be a huge fan of Coach in terms of the lower price-point bags but now I'm moving away from Coach and into Juicy. Their leather bags are sooo soft and their designs are so fun. The only bag I have at the moment is a baby fluff but I'm addicted!!

    Any other Juicy fans on here??!! Check in! And if so, which bags do you have?
  2. I bought some of Juicy coz it's so cute.
    I didn't see ppl here chat about Juicy that much, but post the picture and show us your Juicy collections.

    I have the one with cherry print on and gold chain handle.
    Yes...Their leather are so cute and soft huh.
  3. I will definitly get one when I start looking for diaper bags they are the cutest things ever!!! I just hope I get to start looking soon *sigh* :sad:
  4. I Adore some Juicy bags! I will definately be adding one to my collection after I get through with some other pieces that I need to obtain first. I love the fun look of their bags. Definately different and I love seeing new style's rather than bags that look just like other bags.
  5. I like how colorful/fun they look.
  6. Juicy bags are more expensive than COACH bags :huh: Kind of weird, kind of not. . .

    Anyway, yes I love juicy couture. A lot a lot a lot. I only have one bag from jc but the vachetta is so soft and the color is so fun and cute. Its just really fun, ahha.
  7. I just purchased this week the Juicy beach bag with the pineapple pin, towel and coin purse for my daughter.
  8. I have a Juicy cosmetics bag...I think their line is cute but I'd rather get a Bbag or LV or Chanel bag, they just seem more mature for me. I think Juicy t-shirts are cute.
  9. i dont mind juicy it is just so popular
  10. Love Juicy's new bags...the ones with the roses are so cute...and their leather ones are soft and luscious...and they are is them...
  11. yeeup. I have 2 daydreamers and a train case.
  12. the daydreamers are my shape, perfect size...
  13. I saw the beach tote! It is so cute and it looks like it could fit everything. Too bad we don't have beaches in Alberta hehe

    I really like the tie-dye daydreamers too and the new embroidered flowers line. My only worry about terry is if it got dirty.
  14. I love juicy! I just bough the metallic daydreamer, but it is coming in the mail tomorrow can't wait.
  15. Some of them are really cute! I especially like that flower embroidery line. I saw the embroidered diaper bag today and was tempted, but I have no use for it!