Any Juicy Couture Deals right now?

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  1. Besides the free shipping at, that is. Any boutiques that sell juicy have any percentage off coupons now? I need to get a gift for my sister in-law. Thanks!
  2. Did you check <a href="" style="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 1px dotted #666666;" target="_blank">Adasa</a>? They have some juicy.
    Also, Revolve has some stuff.
  3. Not sure if you're close to a Nordstroms Rack, but they had tons of Juicy velour stuff. Also a lot of leather wallets, coin purses, and bags. The prices weren't jaw dropping, but they were very good deals.
  4. I got a Juicy velour hoodie and matching sweat pants for under $140 with free shipping from Revolve with their coupon code. The sizes are limited and you have to search for the pieces, but it was a good deal.
  5. check the thread LVbaby posted. is offering 20% off and they have a bunchhhh of juicy hoodies and trackpants!
  6. I was at Saks at the Las Vegas Fashion Mall this weekend and they had lots of Juicy bags on sale.:smile:
  7. There's ALWAYS a deal on juicy somewhere, never pay full price for it! What are you thinking about getting her? To get the best deal I think it'd be best to let the tPf girls know and let us go wild trying to hunt down the best price for you! :yes:
  8. I often find great deals on Juicy at TJ Maxx. And Smartbargains has it too. I just saw these shoes for $99 on clearance there, lots of sizes left:


    ...and this top for $31:

    (don't be thrown on the clothes, they list it as "Contemporary Couture Designer" but in the body of the description it says it's Juicy.

    They have some track pants too for $28.
  9. Thanks all! And I agree with you, lithiumpearl, never pay full price for JC! For me, plain velour is fine, and I can wait for a sale, but my SIL is a bit fancy, so I need to get one of the more expensive, decorated suits. I will check Nordstrom and NM.
  10. I got the oversized satchel at for 20% off and free shipping!

    They are offering 20% off to all Purse Forum members.

    Use promotion code: novembersale

    The customer service was great and I love my bag!

    They have a huge selection of hoodies and sweatpants too.
  11. 30% off on non sale merchandise, code = "HOLIDAY30", expires 11/21
  12. My problem is that I just HAVE to have the newest ones coming out. What does anyone think of the jewelry? The site kodiak cited had some inexpensive bracklets as gifts but have never worn it. Is that 20% just for November?
  13. OK, I found my deals at NM! They are having 30% off right now on top of their sale prices for Juicy!
  14. Thanks for that link Coach Superfan....not many sizes available...I'll have to stick to the other site.