Any Japanese Coach lovers?

  1. My daughter is going as an exchange student this summer and I bought some scarves, keychains, skinnys, etc. for her to give as gifts to her hosts.

    Her teacher told her that because Coach items made in China, that it is insulting to give as gift.

    Is that true? - I knew the items no longer made in USA, (what is????) -but I thought Coach would still make a cool gift from American student.

    Any thoughts - should I take it all back?
  2. I think they are nice gifts, but it may be a cultural thing that would offend.
    Do you know anyone from Japan that you could check with?
    Are Coach products sold in Japan NOT made in China?
  3. That is really nice of you!
    As for an insult, I guess I can see how that is possible, but I don't know for sure myself.
    Do they have Coach in Japan?
    Maybe you should send something for their home?
  4. I can definitely see how offense could be possible. I would take it back and get something more 'generic', like the other poster said, maybe something for the home? You want something very safe
  5. When we have japanese visitors at my work, they usually bring a box of gourmet cookies or something.. Maybe something like that would be better after all.. It would be a shame if the lovely coach scarfs/accessories weren't received well..
  6. that's a really good idea!! maybe think of some kind of very american cookies or chocolates or something - eveyrone likes that! hmmmm.....
  7. I was hoping to get feedback from some readers in Japan - good idea!

    Food products are definately good too. The teacher suggested almonds.
  8. Hi,

    My friend was just in Japan. She said you can see people carrying Coach everything. It is big hit. They would love the coach gifts.
  9. Before she goes, I would STRONGLY advise buying a culture guide. I am not sure how they would feel about coach, but, the Japanese are very formal. Here are a few things to know
    - always wrap gifts. Just never wrap them in white (they associate this with death) or in brightly colored paper or bows. If possible, have someone in Japan wrap it.
    - let her hostess know ahead of time about bringing a gift. They do not like to be surprised.
    - give the gift with both hands. its disrespectful to just hand it over with one
    -If you are giving something that is in multiples, make sure it's not an odd number or 4. Odd numbers are bad luck, and four means death.

    If you follow this link

    there are a lot more tips. hope that helped a little.
  10. i can see how it offends, but coach is really popular in japan. i believe that it is only the older generation who will get affected. the younger ones are in love with designer stuff!

    also, coach is very OVERPRICED in japan. my friend bought a coach in japan and after 20% discount, it was still more than what it retails for in USA. so, coach gifts would be a pleasant surprise!
  11. I think, check with SA's there are Coach products made exclusively for Coach Japan, very expensive for them. I've sold many bags on eBay to Japanese buyers, practically beg me to ship to Japan!
  12. I lived on an Air Force base in Japan many years ago as a teenager. I remember the presenting a gift with two hands part... and we always avoided giving white flowers.

    What my mom always gave her Japanese friends as gifts was boxes of chocolate. She was kind of 'prepped' by other officer's wives on the etiquette when visiting Japanese friends and she had boxes of candy shipped to us for this occasion. Expensive candy, too, but I can't remember the brand now... We brought candy when invited for dinner; visiting someone in the hospital; you name it - we had candy. :p
  13. Oh, and I also recall to not give anything made in Japan...
  14. Agree with everyone is HUGE in japan....and they get things we don't get.... but you don't know that its culturally acceptable to give those types of gifts.....its important to do your research on local customs before doing something that might offend someone.

  15. Yes- I've understood from my Hawaiian fri:rolleyes: ends that many Japanese tourists go crazy with purchases at the designer stores (including Coach) in Honolulu because it is so, so expensive in Japan. I think that may have been where I got the idea in my head that the young adults in her (host) family would like the Coach gifts.