Any J. Crew codes? J. Crew Coat Sale

  1. J Crew just put selected coats on sale.

    Any shipping codes would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Check retailmenot...I know there is a current 4.95 ship code out there...I will look for it.
  3. HB-11-BR for $4.95 shipping. Not free, but it helps.
  4. It worked!

    Kalodie1- Thank you!
  5. I've never tried this, but my friend told me that if you go to a J Crew store and order from their red phone, you get free shipping.
  6. Nancerelle-

    That does work, although I believe it is for full price merch only. Someone let me know if that is incorrect.
  7. Glad to help.
  8. I think you're right as well. I just called to see if outerwear was 30 off in the store as well, and they said "No"... I hung up before I asked if they could order it for me so I could get the free shipping... but after thinking about it, I think not if you can only get the 30 off online. Hope that helps. :flowers:
  9. But the store will honor online price too.
  10. oh wow, really?? Then I'll print it out and go there tomorrow so I don't have to pay shipping!!! Thanks!!! :yes:
  11. Thanks for the shipping code. I bought a coat 2 weeks ago from them and now it is $70 less. They only price match for 1 week so I have to do it the hard way.
  12. Is there any new shipping codes? I'm pretty sure the 4.95 one expired yesterday. I just bought a coat in the store and it's now 60 dollars cheaper online, but after shipping and tax it would be almost the same. Some kind of shipping code would be greatly appreciated!
    Also, does anyone know how long the 30% off the coats will be. It didn't say in the email I don't think.
  13. ^^ I was not able to find a free shippinhg, but I found one for $4.95

    Couponn: HB-11-BR, I hope this helps. Here is another one for free shipping if you spend $100 and over Coupon: NT-260
  14. This makes me mad. I tried the first code last night but it didn't work and so i ordered it anyway. And now I just tried it and it worked :cursing: I could have saved 8 dollars in shipping.....Argh. Thanks though:smile:
  15. oh boo...the sale is over.