Any Italians can u please do a price check for me!

  1. i know im asking for bit much, but my family is going on a trip to europe, im asuming gucci is at its cheapest in italy? they are also going to france england and greece so if anyone knows of a cheaper country in europe please tell move ya! anyway back to my topic im looking to get a beltbag/fannypack/bum bag whatever you call it, if you could visit the store or ring up to find out how much euro its at i wouls much appreciate it, please do go out of your way for me there is no need, i'm just asking if anyone happens to be walking by the store (like you can resist a small glance lol) just pop in and ask for the price no big deal there are 2 months untill my family goes so thiers no rush pm me if you can find out thanks!