Any Isabella Fiore fans out there?


Dec 10, 2006
I am new to the Purse Forum, it is great. I am saving up for a Chanel handbag right now, but last week I ordered an Isabella Fiore bag from Nordstrom. It's dark brown with teal flowers on it. I think it's called an Angelina flower patch hobo, but not sure. I don't have it yet, but it's my handbag purchase of anything over $160.
Just wondering if anyone has this purse or any other Isabella purses and what you think of them?
Thanks! :yes:
I don't have that particular bag but I LOVE it bags. They are well made and unique. I stick to the boring all leather styles but I think for the most part, once your an IF fan, there is always something you'll find to suit your taste. My favorite IF bag is my Flashback Audra.
Welcome Kelly. Get your wallet out because handing around in this place can have you using it often.