Any iPhone rumblings?

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  1. Anyone know if they're planning on putting out the iPhone case in any other materials in the near future? I just put my name on the waitlist for the monogram, but would really prefer the Damier or something different than the current options. (Of course I would love the croc, but I just can't justify spending more than a grand on a phone case, wah wah. :O )
  2. do you know if they might change the case around a little bit? like customize kinda??? this is the phone I might get.

  3. they will never make a case specifically for that samsung phone,I can guarantee it, it's not a cult phone that millions of people have like the iphone, and they won't do a special order on a small leather good.
  4. Samsung phone - Not going to happen. You can check for an older LV cell case though, I actually think that they made one that would be a pretty close fit. I think we will see more iPhone cases later this year when they release the second edition of the iPhone, I don't think they will make anymore for the current model.
  5. isnt there a black taiga?

  6. Yep. I agree with this.

    I think they will release new cases to suit the 2nd generation iPhone, but none specifically for the current model. However, knowing Apple's style, the cases for the new model will probably work for the current model too. :upsidedown:
  7. I would love to get a MC case for my future iPhone! I doubt it will happen though.

    When is the 2nd gen iPhone going to be released?
  8. It comes in Taiga and Epi as wells as Mono. My SA says that its will be soming out in Damier ebene.
  9. whoops! double post...

  10. I've heard the next iphone upgrade will just have some new internal features like 3g (faster data speed) etc. but I wouldn't expect another major update in a while, the phone is still selling so well that releasing a new one would cause peope to wait for the newer one instead, thus butchering current sales, I'd say dont expect a major upgrade till next year, or near the very end of this year at the earliest, and i'd say the 3g version of the phone by summer/fall of this year.
  11. OT: I want an iPhone...can't wait for them to arrive here ....the case will probably arrive here after the 3rd Revision of the current iphone:p