Any interest in a "pay it forward" forum or subforum?

  1. It occurred to me that, from time to time, I have items that while good and worthwhile, I am ready to part with, but are not worth the trouble of selling on eBay or otherwise - either didnt cost that much or are not mint anymore, but that I wouldnt mind giving away to a forum member, as a way of encouraging other forum members to do the same thing. What made me think of this is - for years I had toyed with the idea of buying an Hermes bag in blue jean - a very expensive mistake if the color is wrong. And its a strong color - definately not for everyone. At the suggestion of several members of the Hermes forum, I invested in a small mini wallet - less than $500 - in blue jean. Six months later, I am sick of blue jean and definately am over the blue jean thing. Its not worth it to me to try to sell it, but I would be willing to give it away to some other forum member debating the blue jean question. After all, the forum saved me perhaps thousands of dollars. Maybe my example can help others spread the good vibes around, too. Just a thought. If you think this is a wacky idea, I wont be offended.
    PS I am not an invited member - never submitted the application - but if you think this is a good idea but on a private forum basis, I would like to be considered for membership.
  2. I think that is a wonderful idea!

    I'm an internet privacy extremist, but I know that most people here are not quite as pathological, and I think you would get lots who would love to be able to commit such fabulous acts on fellow forum participants!

    I hope the management will hook you up :smile: and even if they don't, I heart you just for thinking of it!
  3. That is a good idea, don't know if it could work but in theory it's a nice idea. I am someone who would love to help out like that as well, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  4. We have a sunshine committee/ RAOK now...I am sure we can combine this in....many times people will e-mail me for someone need some sunshine and I pass on a name. Or you can send it to me to pass on.

    The sunshine committee e-mail is

    There is a reveal thread in the general forum (at the top), you can see some of our work. :smile: