Any interest in a DC Metro area PF meeting?


Should we have a DC Metro PF meeting?

  1. Absolutely!

  2. No thanks!

  3. Not sure.

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  1. We had a nice meeting last summer in Chevy Chase and I wanted to know if there was any interest in possibly doing something again? It seems like we've had an increase in PFers from the area and it might be nice now that the weather is on the up!
  2. I think it would be great!
  3. Would non DC residents be allowed to attend? I am planning a Summer trip to DC and if possible, I would try to schedule the trip in the same time frame. I would love to meet w/ my fellow pf's:dothewave:
  4. Of course you can come if you are in the area!

    I'm guessing people either aren't reading this, or are shy about meeting since there hasn't been much of a response so far.
  5. Thank you! I would love to meet all you East Coast ladies, especially the fellow Jimmy Choo lovers.:heart:
    I would assume that the thread got buried yesterday, but It needs to be moved up with a sticky note.:idea:
  6. :yes: sounds like fun! would love to meet you all...