Any interest in a croc hold me?

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  1. Hi there

    I have my spring/summer hat on and am thinking of ordering a hold me in a either matte leather, or in croc. Rose confirmed the croc comes in tan, light pink, cream, aqua and white with gold flecks.

    I think my favourite choice would be tan or fuschia in normal/matte leather, or tan, cream or aqua in croc.

    Anyone have any thoughts??
  2. I loved the pic of the tan croc Hold Me (although I can't find it at the minute :Push:smile:, but it looked awesome!! It definitely was a pioneering and fantastic choice - totally beautiful.:heart:
  3. an aqua croc angel purse? anyone?? :drool:
  4. Great choices, but I am totally out of bag funds for the moment.:sad:
  5. Hey Kel! What time frame are you talking about?
  6. I love the look of the croc tan Hold Me. What time line are you looking at? I need to plant a money tree.
  7. Amazing idea - can you get a photo of the colour? :heart::heart::heart:
  8. No rush for it, I was thinking April/May time. I can't see where there were photos of a tan croc hold me, MSK did have a light pink one?

    So are we saying that a croc leather would be preferred over the normal glossy or matte?
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  10. Love that bag too. Can I have some seeds?:graucho:
  11. i agree the croc hold me looks amazing, but I was thinking that perhaps glossy or matte leather would give us the ability to use it as a beach bag, as well as a great casual day bag. In this day in age, sustainability is everything!

    Croc on the beach would be too much imo!!
  12. I think I'll be in for this one AS LONG AS you are talking April/May time frame. BUT, I have no idea what color or texture I want. Maybe tan matte or tan or cream croc. We will have to see. If you can get a pic of the aqua I might surprise everyone and go with that. Really not a fan of pink bags...never, ever had a pink bag.

  13. If you do an April/May delivery date, I am soooo in for an aqua crock AP!
  14. Is anything happening with the Croc Hold me- I love M7k78 pics
  15. BE has croc leathers?:nuts: Be still my obsessed heart! How much do they go for? Is it glazed or matte crocodile?