Any interest in a bespoke LMM Fuchsia w/ silver hardware?

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  1. After reading how things are changing on the BE production horizon with the new bespoke minimum requirement, I'm thinking this may very well be the last opportunity to get a Fuchsia Love Me Mini with silver hardware, and I really, truly want one quite badly!!!

    Is anyone else interested?

    Can we get a minimum order together to make this officially happen?

    Please post here if you are in ~ thank you!
  2. dsrk, please add me to the list, I definitely want one of these as well.
    Hopefully 5 or 6 others will chime in....
  3. I sure hope so lccsue! You know, truth be told, I haven't checked with either Jackie or Ashley about this yet...I figure there is no reason to bother either of them until we have the numbers for a viable bespoke order, kwim?
  4. hmm I had ordered a purple LMM (slightly larger) with silver h/w. I wonder if it was even a bespoke since I had never seen any mention on here? I had just talked to Jackie directly about being interested in purple/silver hw. I was thinking maybe since a lot of people wanted the larger size LMM that she was able to cut different colors as long as it was the same style bag.
  5. paintednightsky ~ last month I asked Jackie about ordering the LMM Fuchsia with silver hardware and she informed me that she only had it in gold hardware. I much prefer silver hardware so I passed on it, and now she has completely sold out of the LMM Fuchsia.

    After reading about the new minimum requirement for bespoke orders (10) and the comments about still producing if less than this can get it together quickly, I figure it is worth a shot if we can get the numbers from those willing to commit to this purchase.

    If we can't, at least we tried, kwim?
  6. What I meant was that the purple didn't come in silver h/w originally so mine had to be special ordered but I think I was the only one who ordered the purple. But I noticed a lot of girls had ordered another color LMM so I was thinking maybe she just needs numbers. I was puzzled as well since I thought she would need a bespoke as well and it seemed like I was the only one with the LMM silver h/w combo. I think I'm probably confusing you on what I mean lol

    Good luck with organizing. I was thinking of this combination of the LMM before but nobody had mentioned it so then I jumped on the SMM in fuschia/silver hw since I really wanted any bag without the gold h/w on it.
  7. paintednightsky, oh, I do see what you mean! :yes: Now that you mention it, I am pretty certain I recall Jackie informing me about a Purple LMM with silver hardware...I wanted Purple Crash, not purple, so I passed on this as well and forgot all about it.
  8. I just hope that she isn't completely out of the fuschia leather altogether since it obviously isn't in the fall line-up.
  9. Yeah, I was wondering this as well...if we can get the numbers, then we'll find out. If not, then it doesn't matter as we can't go forward.

    Congrats on winning your brand-spanking new Be Mine Mini in Matte Black ~ you lucky girl, you ~ and for such a steal, no less!!! :yahoo: I tried to snipe this auction but to no won, my dear ~ enjoy!!! :supacool:
  10. I see my bag is popular!!!

    I'll ask Jackie about the fuschia leather. I do remember her saying it was for the Spring line-up since that is such a hot color right now, so I'm not sure if she'll have it again, but it never hurts to ask!
  11. Thanks Contessa ~ thank you so much!!!
  12. Anytime!

    I love Jackie's'll love the fuschia leather too....I get compliments whenever I wear mine and the leather is so incredibly soft!

  13. Thanks dsrk, I was hoping that I wasn't bidding against any of the lovely ladies of the BE sub but what were the chances of that seriously? This is the problem with having my TPF name the same as my ebay name. Everyone knows what I am up to. Anyway, I am thrilled and thanks again. I will post pics when it arrives.

    And Contessa, like I have told you before, you have immpeccable taste....and you won't part with yours ;) so I am forced to jump on the bespoke fuschia LMM train.....
  14. No sweat lccsue, I do recall reading about the high import duties for those of you who neighbor us in the north ~ it's outrageous, so I am even more pleased that you won this and are getting it for such a terrific bargain! :yahoo:

    Contessa does indeed have impeccable taste! :tup:
  15. Good Luck Ladies, I would be so excited for everyone here if you get your LMM!!!!!