Any Intel on what's coming up in October 2012?

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  1. I'd be travelling in October to Turkey so I may drop by a Louis Vuitton on one of my free days there. Wondering if there is any new SLG or bag coming up in the month of October? :smile:
  2. I heard the portobello DE. Don't know much but I'm sure others on here do :smile:
  3. Epi petit noe/noe in colors/tricolor!
  4. Oh Portobello? I did a quick google and the Portobello seems to be in DE already. I'm confused?
  5. I love the noe but I can't get past the drawstring part. :sad:
  6. no it is a new bag. take a look into the reference section or clubhouse. it's really nice!
  7. Sweetie, i just came from LV, the new Portobello is already out in Turkey and Istinye Park store does have it already in the stock:smile: So you can check it out whenever you will be here:biggrin:
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    Ahhh great! Do you know how I can get to Istinye from Istiklal (Beyoglu district)? :smile: I googled a big deal last night and couldn't find a good website with directions and map details.
  9. well the easiest way is to take the metro from TAKSIM station to HACIOSMAN (you will go out on the last station), later you will take the taxi to Istiniye park which is like 5 minutes from the station, that way you will save both time and money:smile:
  10. I am going to be in Istanbul in January and thinking of getting something LV but I have no idea about the LV price in Turkey LOL Do you mind me asking whether by any chance you know how much is neverfull gm there or not, Safida? in Lira would be just fine, only preference for prices range hehehe... thank you kindly

    OP thank you for this threat! ;)
  11. well LV is definitely cheaper in Istanbul then in US plus you can get the tax refund in the airport which is great bonus i think.. NF GM is approximately 1400 TL including the taxes:smile: You should check LV as soon as you will be in Istanbul as we have the total of 3 stores:cool: Hope i could help:graucho:
  12. OMG, you've most def helped me here Safida :ty: Whats!! tax refund? I love tax refund LOL I will be visiting Turkey for 10 days and only a day in istanbul, that would be the first day arriving I guess...Oh my my, I better check out the LV stores where about right away or maybe pm you if you don't mind of course LOL I'm excited!! Thank you so much Safida :hugs:
  13. oh you very welcome, glad i could help:smile:
    well in whole turkey there is only 3 lv stores which are only in Istanbul, so you would better check it out the first day hehe:smile:

    we are charged 8% , so if the bag is 1400 tl, you will get 8% back which is 112tl which is like 62$ and i think is quite nice:graucho:
  14. Oooowww 8%! YES, that would be the icing on my cake!! ;) I am excited to visit turkey, now knowing that LV has a good price plus tax refund... I am SUPER excited LOL

  15. THANK YOU, Safida :smile: :heart: