Any intel on vuitton+yayoi kusama collection?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Does anyone have any information on this collaboration? I thought I heard it's supposed to be out in July but I havent heard anything since?

    I'm thinking about getting a bag and wallet but not sure if I should wait to see this collection before I spend my money on something else!

  2. I've been told to "think polka dots"... no pre pics due to counterfeit issues ...
  3. that's what I heard too... I also asked my SA and he said he doesn't know, but he told me to look at her art and picture the background in mono canvas.... he also said that the collection would be done in more classic shapes such as the speedy, neverfull, noe, eclipse, etc... he also said think of the polka dots collection from '06 or '07 and again in mono canvas and the spots were orange... something like the perfo line as well... just think of any past collections with some for of polka dots and you will get an idea, but all the spots are ORANGE, kusama's favorite color...
  4. picture this, but the spots in orange and also in monogram canvas:
  5. Yes yes I was aware of the polka dots but didn't know they were going to be orange! Super curious! Is it just going to be bags or smaller pieces too?
  6. I would love to know this, too. Curiosity kills the cat.
  7. I was told the same. I'm torn bc I want to add a LE speedy to my collection and I'm hoping this could be the one.... I was blissfully oblivious to LV for the launch of the other LE's I now love such as watercolor and perforated :sad:
  8. Also, can anyone tell much more are the LE bags than the originals at the time of release? I know the watercolor and perforated speedies are selling for around 2000 now or even the rayures neverfull (hesitated and it was gone!boo) but are they that much more when released? I'm hoping to buy a speedy from this collection... I need a mono 30 and thought this could be fun!
  9. I'd like to add a noe or eclipse from this collection...!
  10. The manager of our local boutique was telling me about this the other day. She went to some meeting on it recently. They had the entire room decorated in monitors displaying her art. She said it was interesting but that they didn't show them any bags. She said she didn't like the art at first but it grew on her after awhile. She didn't seem super excited about the collection. However, she did warn that it might be really limited, like 4-5 bags being sent to one region at a time. She wasn't even sure our little boutique would get one unless someone put their name down for it. I don't have a speedy yet and thought maybe a LE one from this collection might be nice. However, I would like to see one before I put my name down for it. May not have that option though.
  11. I hope it's not going to be so limited that it's basically unavailable. :shucks: I'd definitely buy a speedy if possible. Or even a keepall if they made that. I've been to a gallery that had a couple of her infinity rooms. They were so much fun. I think these would be very fun bags to have.
  12. I already heard that here in Japan only certain stores will be receiving stock, and that it will be impossible for them to transfer to other stores... so, no wait list at my store... the display will be up in June at the main store in Tokyo that will be receiving stock... guess I'll have to check it out... it's such a "secret"...
  13. here are two pics i found online.. this was at the museum, so not sure if this style is going to be made for sale or not.

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  14. Hate to be a troll but...
    That might be one of the ugliest modifications to a bag I have ever seen. I don't see anything artistic about that. It looks like a first grader had fun drawing dots with white out. My heart cringes for the bag.
    Why... Just why...
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao:....Dont know why I find this funny I just do. I really should be crying. Its just that I agree.