Any intel on SS 08 Reissue Wallets?

  1. I've been in need of a new wallet FOREVER and was hoping to get one this season, especially since all the pretty metallics are out. I've only heard of black being available though and I would love to get one in the colored far I've tried NM, Saks, and Nordstrom. Haven't heard from the boutiques yet either.


    Anyone? Thanks!
  2. i got my light silver wallet at Chanel Boutique at the Wynn's in Las Vegas.
  3. my SA has reissue wallets in several colors. pm me if you'd like contact info.
  4. how much do they go for?
  5. That blue shade of color is really stunning :love:
  6. The one in the pic was $950! Slightly pricey...
  7. what other color does it come w/?
  8. ^ ling it comes in the same colours as the metallic reissues - purple, dark silver, navy, gold, light silver, metallic black i believe (from the Nordstrom lookbook)

    i know my SA has the metallic black reissue. Just look for Kiet at 713-850-0055 :yes:
  9. I just bought my reissue wallet and it was only $695! I purchased it from the Chanel boutique in Orlando. There was also a metallic silver there. here are the pix of it.
    wallet 001.jpg wallet 002.jpg
  10. Sneaky haven't shared that purchase yet! ha ha
  11. I think I got his last metallic black reissue wallet today. He was a doll & thinks we are all great!:tup: