Any intel/input on this sandal?

  1. I saw it on NM in black or white patent:


    And just saw it in my Nordstrom catalog in silver, which I think looks really fun!

    The first two are $795, the silver lists for $815. I was hoping for less sky-high and strappy this summer but these are strong candidates :tup:
  2. Cute in the front, but I just don't care for the heel
  3. ooh the heel is my favorite part :tup:
  4. My sister tried those on and found with the shape of the platform, people who wear them tilt. The SA said everyone who tries them on end up passing them up because they feel too weird.
  5. that's the part that worried me - the platform. thanks!
  6. Honestly I am not into this kind of double platform, I know there is a lot of it this summer but it just seems too " havy" to me.
  7. ^ I agree! I'm not feeling the platform.
  8. I don't like any shoes with this kind of platform.
  9. I really love the black ones!!
  10. They look like they were meant to be stable and comfortable with the cork, but I can see they have a strange tilt to the ball of the foot. They are kind of cute, but if they are not comfortable then I say no way.
  11. They are cute, but I would think a shorter person should wear these. I would never be able to wear them. I'd be toooooo tall. The platform is too high. :p
  12. I think it's that 'rocking' forward feel (towards the end of a step) that might weird people out. It does take some getting used to.
    I've found with this shape platform, it helps with the stride, since I tend to take big steps and big steps are not too heel friendly.

  13. Looking at these, they make me think of wearing them to...
    black - a date, the theater, a concert
    white - a baby shower, little shops by the beach
    silver - a birthday party, bacheloretee party, Vegas!
  14. The white is so cute! But again, my taste in shoes gets in the way a little. I wear classic styles more often. I need to be spontaneous and just wear some shoes that are different, like these! :p
  15. I saw these in white at my local NM and thought they were hot, that is until I noticed this "perfect" girl trying them on (this girl had the most perfect feet/legs I've ever seen) and she could barely walk in them! I don't know if maybe she had little experience in heels that high, but the shoes just seemed awkward on, kwim? But it made me not want to bother trying them on...

    But I suggest since you love them in pictures to go check them out yourself. You could be the woman to conquer them! Good luck!