Any insider tips for Hermes (Post Oak)

  1. Im going home for the holidays and I know my first stop from the airport will be Houston Galleria. Hermes is just down the street. How is that store? How is their inventory? TIA
  2. The SA's are helpful and polite. They have a great selection of accessories, but you will not find a Birkin. It's small and cozy. I like the intimate feel of the store. Have fun shopping. Please share your finds or store inventory. Thanks.
  3. OMG If you are talking about the Hermes store at 1800 Post Oak Boulevard
    Houston, TX 77056. then I need to go somewhere else. I am from out of town and call them to place accesory orders. I definitely don't want to spend lots of money at an Hermes store that doesn't have much.!
  4. ^What happens if they have your grail accessory suzana?

    I wouldn't write off any H stores entirely.

    A lot of people say the SF store has nothing but somehow I managed to bring some goodies home.

    I think any H store depends on timing.
  5. If all that you are looking for is either a birkin or kelly...don't bother.