Any Input Re: Buying From Bluefly???

  1. i'd been a bad girl lately..really bad!
    i saw this gucci brown leather medium BRITT tote bag from bluefly today and grabbed it right away. i got a 15% off from playing bagorama and 4% cashback from ****** so i thought i got a good deal.:graucho: i am very excited to feel the bag and finally carry it on my shoulder but at teh same time kind of anxious because this is my first time buying from them. Any input? bad or good will be appreciated! i just wanna prepare myself just n case i am one of those unlucky gals who will be getting a fake. i heard that they sold fake chloes and balenciagas in the past.HOW ABOUT GUCCI??
  2. I think u r fine ..No worries.......Post pics when u get it so we can verify for ya!
  3. I have bought 3 Gucci's from them recently and all are real.:yahoo: I don't think you have anything to worry about. Congrats and be sure to post pictures when you get it.
  4. i will surely do that! i feel better now!
  5. i have purchased shoes from bluefly, dior gucci and ysl but never a handbag.
  6. I just got a gucci belt bag from them and it seems authentic to me. It's the first time I bought a Gucci that wasn't from the Gucci boutique or Sak's.
  7. it seems like bluefly scores + on their guccis. so far so good... still waiting for my bag!thanks!
  8. btw, this will be my first gucci and i am sooooo excited!
  9. I have purchased two Gucci bags from last month and they are real. I have purchaed shoes from there as well with no problems. I only had one problem once when I ordered the gold Fendi spy and the sent me the Zucca print one instead. When I returned the next day the gold spy was gone. But I negotiated a 20% discount off my next purchase out of the experience. Beyond that...I've had a great experience with them.
  10. I purchased a Gucci belt and gucci tie from bluefly, and they were both authentic. :smile: I think it should be fine.
  11. I purchased a Fendi bag a couple of years and it is authentic...I still buy from bluefly now. Dont worry...Good luck on your first Gucci!!
  12. Here's my "fake" Peggy.;)

    Kidding of course! I got mine on Wednesday. LOVES LOVES LOVES!! :yahoo:

    DH on the other hand isn't too happy: this broke the purse ban big time! :death:
  13. I've bought 2 authentic bags, 1 Chloe and 1 Gucci and I'm looking at another Gucci:rolleyes:
  14. I have purchased from bluefly before- all authentic.

    BTW-very pretty![​IMG]
  15. what a beautiful bag! i nearly have a heart attack when you said the word "fake"! thanks for all your input!