Any information on this bag would be appreciated...

  1. I saw this bag too! I think it looks great! I think its from 2003 if I'm reading the creed correctly. Sorry, thats all I know about this bag.
  2. It's a leather Legacy hobo...retailed for $358.
  3. :tup: Thanks girls...I will have that on my wish list...I guess it's the buckle for me. It's the same one on my tote. And it closes so easily! I've seen this bag before...And it was in my "small" handbag days.

    I went from LARGE bags that could double as a diaper bag...To small ones that I could claim as my own. And not cart all the kids things with me. But...After getting the Legacy Tote...I love the fact that I can carry both our stuff again...So...Maybe I can aquire a few larger bags. For days I'm going out with the kidders. And smaller ones when it's a girl day to myself.
  4. I love that bag too, I have seen a lot on eBay not very recently but about a month ago. I saw one in red I really love. I wonder how long the strap is, does it say ? I didn't see

  5. Mrs.MC I seen the red one too...And I have NEVER been a red purse gal myself. But contemplated...Red Hm-mm the style looks BEAUTIFUL in red!

    Yeah it was about a month ago I seen TONS of them on...They must go in spurts~ For I wasn't into large bags at the time...I had switched to small bags. But...After using my Legacy Tote...I must say...There is an advantage to a larger handbag.:yes:...But I won't part with my small ones because their nice when you go out and don't wish to take along the kitchen sink!

    But since my change of heart...This style is slim pickings on eBay right now...And anyways...I'll need to save up. I have other bills coming up. That needs seeing to first. But it doesn't mean I won't keep LOOKING~ Never can pass up a good buy...:graucho:

    Oh...Your question about the strap...This is what one seller stated...

    And here's a picture of the red one you mentioned...It's so pretty!:drool:
  6. I think I found one for ya....sent you a PM! :tup:

  7. Your a DOLL~!

    Here's the one though...I think I'll try finding...ONE DAY~:graucho: It's a color that won't fight my Auburn hair...;)
  8. The design of that bag is excellent and I agree it looks great in red. Thanks for the info