Any information at all on Legally Blonde's clothes and accesories?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I just love that movie and was wondering if anyone has any info on Elle Woods clothes and accesories - I'm obsessed with the color pink as well, and would love anything I can find out about her clothes and bags!

  2. Somebody?

  3. Sorry no clue over here, but hope someone can help you out =)
  4. I have the bath robe she wears, the pink one with the ducks on it? it's from a greek company called Aegean Apparell.

    Other than that I cant help - sorry!
  5. a friend the main wardrobe stylist on legally blond. she said many of the clothes were custom made.
  6. Oooh thanks! :smile:
  7. I know this is Bottega... Bag, sunglasses, and I think even the outfit. I can't remember that far back.
  8. I know the lavender coat with huge buttons she wore in Legally Blonde II was Marc by Marc Jacobs... HTH!
  9. The pic doesn't show. :sad:
  10. Hey there Babydoll Chanel!
  11. I understand you were checking out products featured on Legally Blonde, and I would be happy to help you! I work for a company called Aegean Apparel, and we actually manufactured the Lucky Duck bathrobe she was wearing in the first movie, as well as the Clouds bathrobe she was wearing in the second. You can purchase both of these on our retail website, I would also be happy to give you a coupon code, just shoot me an email at I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!
  12. Hello! I just revisited this thread a long time after it was made, lol. Looking at the robes...