Any information about this two?

  1. Hi I found this pictures in the thread, and was wondering if anybody had information (price, where to get it)
    trunk%2027.jpg paddedenvelopeaf5.jpg
  2. The first is the timeless clutch from the Charms collection. The second looks like the envelope flap. I know that the charms collection was pretty pricey, but I'm sorry I can't give you the exact price.
  3. The first is the CC Punk clutch. The style number is A35086 Y04502 from Spring Act II. It came in black & white and was $2950.
  4. Yeah, the first one is the timeless clutch. love it! dnt know the second one though.
  5. I just love the clutch! too bad it's so expensive.
  6. I would get three different color clutches for the price of the cc charm one!
  7. love that clutch!
  8. i saw the clutch at both Neimans and Saks beverly hills this weekend.