Any information about Chef zucca with blue trim, please

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  1. Hello Tpfers I don't know nothing about Fendi but I saw this one at the streets and can not find nothing about and here in Zurich doesn't have any Fendi store, Is that bag came in what style or models? Is that new, limited edition, or hard to find? I love how the brown match perfect with leather blue. I need one of those to be my first Fendi. Any information it will be amazing Thanks:smile:
  2. I haven't seen an authentic zucca chef bag with blue trim (I assume that is what you are referring to) and I am not sure Fendi actually makes it. If they do, I don't think it would be a limited edition bag as those are usually very elaborate and encrusted with stuff.
  3. Thanks for your quickly answer, I found something with the same material but different model, please can you check that .Sorry for the bad english.
  4. Are you asking me to authenticate it? If so, you need to post it in the Authenticate This thread. But, I will tell you now that I can't authenticate it until you have the actual bag in your possession so that you can take photographs of it and post them.
  5. I'm sorry but I don't want authenticate this, I'm not buying that, I just need information about that line, I love the colors of the bag and I did not find from what collection it is, or if its limited or no, from 2008 or S/S 2009. Because I planning to be in London in March and I don't know if this collection still available until there. TIA.
  6. I'm not sure what season it is from. You would definitely be able to find this bag in the zucca fabric in a few months, but I don't know if it would still be available with the blue patent trim.
  7. Thanks a lot for your help, I hope I will find that when I will be at Fendi store, unfortunately here doesn't have that. Have a good day!
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  9. I know that we made a line of zucca bags with blue trim but it was at least 3 years ago. I don't know if you will be able to find one now. They may have done the blue again, that wouldn't surprise me. My sister has one, I will have her send me a picture of it and post it later or tomorrow. Hope this helps a little!
  10. Thanks a lot, I still hope I can find that bag.
  11. yes it that the fabric and the idea but on different model. Do you know if that collection is from last year? Thanks
  12. Here's the picture! Sorry it's not the best quality picture! Like I said, this was from 04 or 05.

  13. That Bag De Jour is from this year. It's been at Bergdorf's since November.

    I hope you find your bag.