Any infomation on Dior 2006 GOURMETTE **BRACELET lipgloss

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  1. Does anyone have any details on this new lipgloss that dior has just brought out for 2006 - its a cute bracelet that opens up and it comes in two shades the pink and the brown .. I have alot of limited goodies that dior has sold lik ethe princess ring and the play dice and I would love this too :biggrin:

    I was looking on ebay and saw it for the first time, I have not seen it in the shops here in the UK yet . Is it availiable in the US???

    Does anyone know the retail, and if its true that there where only a 1000 made which is what its been saying in the ebay auctions, I understand this may be a ploy to get people to pay way over retail for it :weird:

    Here is a link to an ebay auction so you know what I am talking about:biggrin:
  2. They had a display one at Sephora, and just a word of warning, it's REALLY heavy. It's cute though, but I'm not sure if my wrists could take more than a few hours !
  3. oh brillinat thankyou :smile:
  4. I wonder if they will have replacment lip glosses when you're out? I would pre-order one if they were going to offer refills.
  5. they've offered items like this before and usually no refills.......
  6. yeah , I dont think there are any refills :sad: - but I just think they are all so cute.. and they are really nice lipglosses :smile: Do you think you will get one?? Do you have any of the other dior make-up limited pieces??
  7. How much did it cost at Sephora?
  8. It should be the same price as - $70 :love:
  9. Great Kimmy! Now you just added another item on my 'to-buy' list!
  10. Wow, this Dior bracelet is really charming and cute! I remember their play dice lip gloss (or was it eye shadow I forgot) from last year, they were really adorable too. Dior brings out the cutest little things. Kudos to their creative team.
  11. Hello all...I too am an avid collector of Dior's limited edition pieces, but you would think these cute pieces could be a little lighter-every single one of them is so stinkin' heavy!!! Anyone else agree???
  12. yeah they are heavy - the dior princess ring was - I wonder what they will bring out next a lipgloss necklace or a pair or lipgloss earrings LOL -- I am def getting it though LOL
  13. i have one, its simply devine i cant live without the new dior special :biggrin:
    i have about 10 of them so far which isnt bad for a 16 year old with no job hehe
  14. eh I decided not to reserve one......I bought a LV wish bracelet instead :heart: