Any info yet about Denim accessories?

  1. My SA told me that there will be some new denim accessories coming out. Does anyone know when and what kind of accessories?? ie. style

    Also, will there be any new styles of denim bags?

    TIA :wondering
  2. OH WOW! Great question! I can't wait to find out!
  3. I've heard of a cles/key pouch coming out. I don't know anything else though...haven't been keeping up with LV lately :P
  4. OOooo cant wait for that, it will be a must have.

  5. Oooh a cles would be so cute, especially in fuschia !
  6. I heard a key pouch, but that is all I know so far
  7. Wow, I'd like to know too...
  8. I heard of the kles too....a must buy;)

    also another question; does anyone know how much the lv denim monogram jeans cost?

  9. My SA said that they have a denim wedge coming in
  10. Oh denim wedges would be TDF!!
  11. You mean these?

  12. Ohhh, a key pouch would be nice! :biggrin:
  13. I would love the key pouch too and if they brought out a PTI wallet
  14. Yes, a PTI would be great too! Especially in khaki denim.
  15. I love it! :love: Anyone know how much $? :nuts: