Any info or thoughts on the LV in Natick MA

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  1. Going the middle of April anyone use that boutique or a SA
  2. Good question, I have plans on visiting Natick too.
  3. Was there a few weeks ago! You'll love it❤️
    I bought my Tivoli in that boutique
  4. Is it in the same mall as Nordies and Neimans on Rt9. Going in business for sat till mon
  5. The sa's there are kinda rude.. They just want to get you in and out. That said, though she was curt, one of the sa's was still nice and gave me a box for my bag when I asked (I dunno why they don't box up bags anymore!!)
  6. I haven't been there in 6 months, but ask for Carlos...if he's still there. Fun, knowledgable and accommodating!
  7. I have had too many bad experiences to go back. I am going to stick to Copley from now on. The last time I was there Irene was EXTREMELY ride to me. I wrote a separate post about it. Many if them are very nice, but it's not worth taking my chances anymore.
  8. I usually go to Copley or Saks in the Pru.
  9. I have had wonderful service in Natick. I think the young woman who waited on me was Karen (Asian-American). She helped me tremendously avoid a bag that would have been a disappointment, probably a good thing for them since I would have returned it within their 30-day trial period. I also brought a bag there about a month ago for some repair work and the young man who worked with me was also very nice. But I am also over 50 and maybe they thought I had a long history of buying LV bags and didn't want to lose a sure thing.