Any info on Worth vintage handbags?

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  1. I saw a beautiful black clutch in a consignment shop a few weeks ago. It was leather, had a Made in Italy tag sewn inside. The bag folded over and had two silver rings attached to the zipper. The silver was a little tarnished but otherwise the bag looked in great shape. But I've never heard of Worth bags before and I haven't met with any success checking the internet either. The cost was $225, and I'm wondering if I walked away from a good thing. Any background on Worth would be appreciated!!
  2. I'm sorry I never heard of a worth bag, but 225$ sounds pretty high, if you really like it though I think you should get it whether its a known designer or not, of course if its in good condition as well
  3. Which era did the vintage bag look to be from?

    Worth is a very old couture house named after the World's first first celebrity (British born) designer, Charles Frederick Worth. The label is considered the oldest - in the second half of the 19th century.

    The name has been sold and re-sold again and again and again.

    At one time is was reduced to making fabulous corsets (on sale in such places like Agent Provocateur but is currently back to be an official couture fashion house who is creatively led by designed by Giavanni Bedin (spelling :-s)

    Depending on when the bag was made it may or not be 'worth' (he he, sorry) the money. Worth is a fashion house and not a leather goods house. The gowns were made in London and/or Paris but never to my knowledge Italy (although some of the very best designers do indeed get their bags and shoes made in Italy, as many regions of Italy are to leather accessories as to what fashion is to Paris, France).

    It could be just a bag using a famous old name or it could be a very special bag. Examples of some of C F Worth's creations are often only found in museums.