Any info on this

  1. Hi all --

    I'm hoping someone can give me some insight, as I was away from coach for the past year more or less. I am looking for a raspberry lurex wristlet. I'm not sure when they came out or if they would be in the outlets. Has anyone seen any lately.

    I was hoping to get each of my bridesmaids a coach wristlet that reflects eachs personality and this is the last one for me to find. If it is going to be impossible, any suggestions on a similar looking one?

    (Also my other bridesmaids are getting a black Lurex, a legacy stripe and a gold patchwork)

    Thanks for the help!!
  2. Definitely try eBay!!

    That's a really good idea BTW. I was just a maid of honor in my best friends wedding and I got Coach jewelry!
  3. I heard from other Posters that the Raspberry Lurex items just got transferred from the Boutiques to the Outlets recently. I do believe some Boutiques still have them but you can always check out your local Outlet or try eBay. Good luck!
  4. Thanks!!! It looks as though I will be stopping by the outlet on my way home from work... I am just curious if we are getting the amazing things I keep seeing posted on here.

    Thankfully, I'm finding this outlet much friendlier than my previous!:smile:
  5. I was just at my outlet and they had a few left! Good luck finding one!