Any info on this YSL messenger bag?

  1. I've seen those pop up on bluefly now and then -- they aren't that old. You could also try the YSL outlet. Good luck!
  2. ohh thanks--do you know what the name would be for this?
  3. No, actually. I'd just search yves saint laurent under accessories or handbags.
  4. I think overstock carries those, too. I have never ordered handbags from them, but their return policy is great.
  5. there was one in black on bluefly today but it's already gone -- boy, you have to be fast!
  6. I saw it, too! Snapped up!
  7. ^^if anyone has seen this bag...still looking for it :smile:
  8. [​IMG]

    Yves Saint Laurent Logo Leather Tote