Any info on this wristlet??

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  1. Hey!!! Does anyone know anything about this wristelet? Name? Price it usually goes for? Thanks!!

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  2. Looks like a Large Madison Wristlet to me.. in Exotic or Python Leather... I would check Ebay using that description (or something close) and see what pops up ..... I am sure others would know more on here... and will weigh in .....:smile:
  3. I searched a few different things but didn't see anything that was the same. Maybe its htf or rare??
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    It is a Madison Amanda Embossed Python Capacity Wristlet 42716 B4 OP. It is made of calfskin embossed to look like snakeskin and the color is Opal. It originally retailed for $198 - very pretty!

    Here's a drill-down picture of it.

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  5. That's so weird. I actually have this. Never used it. Ya, Amanda. I saw the info above.
  6. Thanks!! Yeah I have it too and used it maybe once but its so gorgeous.

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  7. Do not recommend...