Any info on this line?

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  1. I've seen a few bags similar to this on Ebay, but I was wondering, what year are they from, what did they retail for, like general info. I'm just curious because I've never seen those bags before.
  2. is it year 2000 collection??

    Not sure either..
  3. It was Julie Verhoeven for Louis Vuitton in 2001.
    "At the request of Marc Jacobs, Julie in 2001, created a set of smash hit cute nutty clouds/butterflies/animals applique bags for Louis Vuitton. Vuitton made a limited edition of 100 in each of four styles and the waiting lists grew and grew, despite the 1,000 pounds price tag. It was the "have to have" bag of the year".
  4. I have a book w/pictures and prices from this line, but its in japanese, here's the photo:

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  5. Thanks!!!! They are so cute, but I'm glad that I didn't bid on that one- if they went for $1,000+, that person was selling them for way below retail, which is odd for a limited edition bag.
  6. But its sellers is let-trade? Thought their stuff was legit and reputable.....?
  7. They are completely legit. I would order from them any day!
  8. It's not odd. Only certain styles of the line were sold for $1000+, the pochette not being one of those. Though it is limited edition, it doesn't appear to be that it doesn't have a high resale value like the Cherry Blossoms or Fuchsia Vernis.
  9. It was never really popular so the prices aren't that high in comparison to other limited editions. I just saw one going for 150 Euros. You pay more for a pa on ebay.
  10. I really like that bag! 2 bad the auction ended, I would have like to have it!
  11. I thought this collection was very pretty, especially the frog :biggrin:. It's better than the perforated bags or the cerise bags for that matter...I think they look tacky and loud.
  12. I guarantee you anything let trade sells is authentic, you never have to worry about them.
  13. Hi!
    I figured I can post about my bag here..

    It's the black bag on the magazine picture above.
    I remember receiving it as a present from my then boyfriend (He is my husband of 1 year now.. lol)..
    as a 3 year anniversary present back in 2002.

    It's overall made in black satin with silver thread LV marks...
    The strap/bag edges are lined with black leather.
    The flap has the patched work..
    It was about $1300 back then.

    Hope this helps...

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  14. ^^^ I think it's the cutest thing EVER!!!
  15. I love the patchwork collection especially the satin. I remember that I thought that it looked really weird back then when they came out with it. And I was like who would want that? Now I want it!!!