any info on this chanel patent jumbo?

  1. i'm falling in love with this chanel patent jumbo i saw on teen vogue's august, and wondering if anyone can help me found this bag in online store? thanks :yahoo:
  2. My SA at NM showed that to me and apparently it is Vinyl. Comes in 2 sizes and the price was 995.00 from what I recall. They are taking orders now and had 15 people ask for it at the Trunk show. All the runway models had it. It's VERY large. Try NM and they are offering a GC with purchase until October.
  3. thanks fro the info :P
    but i'm hoping i can do it online from the internet.
  4. chanel doesn't sell online unless it is consignment

  5. :crybaby:
  6. In a few months after the bag has hit the shelves, you will see it on ebay. Just be careful to find an Authentic one. There are quite a few reputable sellers. A few that are members of this forum. Good :smile: luck!
  7. thanks ALLinTHEbag, i'm new to chanel and i'll make sure to be careful with ebay...
  8. I also like this bag, did you know that it also comes with silver hardware?
  9. According to the SA at NM they are making it in two sizes both in silver and in gold. A HUGE hit at the trunk shows. Everytime a model came down the runway carrying one, another person reserved one.
  10. This is also the information from my SA in Paris. As I posted before they will be in Paris mid to late August. I ordered for my daughter the large on silver hardware. Some of the girls on the site think that it looks like a trash bag. I cannot get this thought out of my head. My 16 year old walking around carrying a HUGH TRASH BAG. Oh well, at least it will be a CHANEL trashbag, LOL!!!!!!
  11. she's right, there's no authorized Chanel online.
    Call a boutique and get on the waiting list ;)

    This one is really cute IMO.
    There is one that looks like a trash bag to me, but it's nothing like this one. It's a big massive gaping thing w/ weird short handles.
  12. i love the "trash" feeling LOL
    i also noticed a purple silk one on the runway, but i love this more...
    ooohh it's soooo cute :girlsigh:
  13. Now I am confused. Just read that there is a bag in vinyl that does actually look like a trash bag. I still am on the trash bag thing. The bag I told my SA in Paris that I want is the bag from the teen Vogue and I faxed her the picture. Of course, she is on holiday until the 16th of August. I sure hope that if there are two versions that my daughter will not get the trash bag version.
  14. yes, there's another bag, it's quite shapeless, just like a trash bag - unlike the pic above.
    I saw it at teh trunk show and didn't like it but it had a 14 person waitlist by the time I left.
    The one posted above is much more attractive to me.
    The other seemed massive and shapeless and the handles were really short - out of proportion to me.
  15. It's cute, but why is it vinyl?