Any info on this black leather purse w/lace-up detail?

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  1. dior-lacedup1.jpg dior-lacedup2.jpg
  2. Hi south-of-france!!!!!

    Welcome to the Dior sub-forum!!! We hope you love all the Dior bags you see here, and increase your wish list exponentially!

    This bag is from the Dior Admit It collection, also called the Dior Addict collection (I guess an addiction to Dior is what one will be admitting if she wears this bag :biggrin:). I think this line was introduced around 2002 (other forum members like Brian and Justinleaddict can give you a more accurate answer of the date) and came out with a ton of cool running shoes with lace detail. This particular bag is the Admit It flap bag and retailed around $1100 to $1300. Zerodross owns the sexy hobo version of this line (, which retails for a bit more than the flap version. Bags in this line were available in light tan suede, black calfskin, white calfskin, and light blue denim (and a number of other limited edition color variations).

    I hope this helps! Other PFers may have more information regarding this collection!
  3. Thank you MayDay! You sure know your Diors :smile: I saw that "half-pizza" comment but I still like it :lol: I think I will post one in the authenticate this-thread for you all to look at.
    I haven't seen a thread like "how to spot a fake Dior" with general tips on how to buy used authentic purses. So my best bet is the authentication thread right?

  4. You're very welcome!

    sorry about the old half-pizza comment:shame:...actually, since I posted that comment, I've started to like the bag more..I even tried bidding on one on eBay in blue denim.
  5. It's totally ok, I thought it was funny, gives it a sort of personality because I love pizza lol! :roflmfao:
  6. Fall 2002 :heart: Probably my favorite Dior collection :heart:

  7. Ohhh I would love to have the long strap instead of the short one :push: Not possible and unavailable anyway I guess :sad:
  8. I have this bag in black. Not the pizza one, but the messenger bag (half circle). It's a great bag. I love's my absolute favorite.

    I have several of their bags and the admit it bag isn't one I've carried often so I might be listing it on eBay or Craigslist to sell. (It's so hard to decide to part with them :yes:). I found my favorite diors bags are my classic tan saddle and the greenish gaucho tote from last year.
  9. I have this bag too. Love it. The leather is amazing.
  10. :sad: it ended for about US $118 and nobody bought it!
  11. Sorry to revive this thread again - does anyone know the retail or present market value of this Admit it bag? TIA! :yes:
  12. No more retail price since the bag is sold out everywhere, but ultimatechic recently sold a hobo. She will tell you about the value as soon as she logs in.

    P.S. I've seen a few on recently. No exactly the short flap ones, like yours, but hobos anyway. See how they go.
  13. Hello,

    Here is the Dior ad for this bag! best wishes