Any info on this beauty?

  1. Anyone seen this lovely IRL, or know her name? The color is stunning!:heart:

  2. Oh my Gosh, I LOVE that bag! That color is gorgeous too..uuuugh. I hope someone can give some insight!
  3. Is that an MJ bag?! It looks so different from his usual stuff, but very pretty!
  4. OMG!:drool:
  5. yep i think it's an mj....he did some ostrich stuff last year and this looks like one of them
  6. i've never seen it's surely outta my budget though, it's gorgeous...but i'm sure it feels and smells amazing
  7. that bag is called the roma...
    it came in smoke (dark grey) and dijon (pictured) ostrich...
    i'm not sure of the price, but there are 3 other bags in the ostrich series from f/w 07.08...
    based on these, i would say the roma is in the 3500-4000 price range...

    the hobo is skinner and is $3950
    the billy is more of an east-west shape (13x10x2.5) with a shorter handle, $4400
    the mahogany is a clutch, $3000

    this is the billy

    i think i remember someone saying these bags were on sale at marc jacobs stores as part of their clearance sales...
  8. ^ There is one Roma on sale right now at Marc Jacobs Boston.
  9. WOW!!!!:okay:
  10. i dont know how i feel about ostrich but i love hte one kimair posted. linsay lohan is always carrying her ostrich clutch around.

  11. Do you know for how much? Do they have a Billy on sale too?
  12. I don't think there was a Billy, at least not to my knowledge. I had called asking about the Fall 07 Ostrich pieces and they told me there was a Roma and a Mahogany clutch. I just bought the Mahogany clutch :yahoo: and I asked if the Roma was left and it is. I believe it works out to be around $1500 after the discount.

    Go for it girl! :biggrin: