Any info on this bag?

  1. To end the 2007 year i purchased my 3rd MJ yesterday and I got it from Nordstrom on sale.

    I viewed an older thread about it and i believe it is the Eva Satchel?

    I got it for like $569 and i'm not too sure if i will keep it.

    it doesnt seem like a classic bag, but maybe i'm wrong? would i be better off saving for a classic like a stam instead of just keeping this one bc it was a good deal?

    I'll post pics in a sec...i have no idea how to resize on my Mac still!
  2. pics:
    mj.jpg mj1.jpg mj2.jpg mj3.jpg
  3. It's definitely the Eva bag. I've always liked that bag a lot. I would have loved to get it in Topaz. Congrats on your purchase!
  4. Congrats! That bag reminds me a lot of the Dianee, which I bought at Nordstroms Rack about a week before Xmas - It's got the same shape and same kind of sections (open middle, zipped ends). The hardware & details are just different.

    The leather on my Dianee bag is so buttery soft - if the bag isn't stuffed, it just melts into a puddle of leather! Is your bag like that too?

    This is my Dianee -
    di1.JPG di7.JPG
  5. That's an awesome bag!
  6. Nice bag!! The Eva and Diane both seem so roomy :smile:
  7. I think the Eva is absolutely darling. Keep it!
  8. angelisa...while you LIKE the eva it doesn't sound like you LOVE it....I can't imagine parting with my plum stam that's how much I love it....I would return it and save for a bag i love....i think it's the stam for you because it's the first bag you listed....anyway let us know what you decide...good luck!
  9. thats for all the replies! :smile: I actually returned it didn't have original MJ tags when I purchased it, only one of the store-made tags....and when they rang up the item when i initially purchased it the SA said the original price was $990, when if fact it shows on the tpf reference page for past season MJs that it retailed for $, I kinda feel like the tag wasn't correct. I probably sound crazy but it just didn't feel right to me. Looks like I will be saving for my STAM!:yahoo: