any info on the new lesport line featured in lucky magazine?

  1. sorry for the non-tokidoki thread, but these bags look so chic and pretty! i can't find info on them on the lesportsac site, which i find odd. :confused1:
  2. lol... this is teh lesportsac forum also so no need to be sorry... do you happen to have a pic of them or do you kno which issue it was so I can search? I have no idea what it looks like personally but I'd love to see it :smile:
  3. I only know that lesportsac is coming out with their version of some of the tokidoki bags, and introducing a cute bunny print.

    Is this a new collaboration or lesportsac's own designs?
  4. It's in the September issue of Lucky magazine with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover (:heart: her) on the bottom of pg. 108. LeSportsac probably hasn't updated their website with all the fall bags yet- you know how super-slow they are with updating the Tokidoki section.
  5. Hmmm...maybe you can post a scanned page for us to have a look?
  6. Oh, I just got that in the mail, still have the plastic wrapped on it.....108, let's see....hhhmmm, yes, chic, great for work and going out. but just a little too plain for me....but def have a designer look to them ;)like a Michael Kors
  7. Wasn't Stella McCartney doing the next collaboration with LSS after Tokidoki?
  8. idk, it does not mention in the article any designer, they do name the styles though, "Kennedy", Garbo Frame" and Ingrid Clutch"....sounds like they have a retro/old hollywood thing maybe, Jackie-O, Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman????:confused1:wdyt?
  9. can someone scan or take photos? I'm really curious to see what they look like.
  10. they are really slow with the website. if you call one of there boutique stores I bet they will be able to give you info. The stores are listen on the website.
  11. i like the kennedy style, but it's a little blah for $198. i guess i'm just too used to the colors and designs of toki! :p
  12. I've not seen the article, but I did speak to a Lesportsac SA last week. She said Anders Wenngren would be doing a few styles for them after Toki and before Stella. He's an architect from Stockholm. I'm not sure if that helps any, but the SA seemed really excited about it.
  13. this sounds realllly cool :graucho: that's a cool website on anders...seems like he has some major fashion clientele like gucci, etc...
  14. Here's a link to the Japanese Lesportsac site with some information on the Anders Wenngren print:

    It's due to be released in October in Japan so perhaps it will be out here a little earlier? Is that perhaps the bag that is supposed to be like the Gioco? If it is, I like it in that print than the other one that was posted before. I think the other print "pictopop" was supposed to be the first Anders Wenngren collaboration?

    Also, the rest of the prints on that page I guess are also some other LE prints that they are upcoming.
  15. I am absolutely :roflmfao: right now. I used Google's translator to translate the page from Japanese to English, and here's a snippet of the translated description of the bag:

    "The crotch lining which of course also the bag of the less port sack has lined up the color pallet the adult is lovely in the fixed turn gift item such as the jewelry and the shoes it has expressed."

    CROTCH LINING?? :nuts: Translators are so much fun... :rolleyes: