any info on the new damier styles? some info about me too lol *warning: LONG*

  1. im dying to know.. :drool: before i jump all over the epi line..

    by the way..sorry to let u guys know that i bought a coach bag from the outlets over the weekend..i needed a bag for job interviews and i bought basically the worst-looking bag ever in my collection (not to offend any coach lovers here...i like coach too but i dont like plain bags..i did buy a plain black leather bag..:push:smile:

    i looked at all my damiers and decided that i will not bring any of them to my job interviews...even though the damier line is quite subtle in my opinion..but for my field and the position that im applying for, it doesn't deem appropriate..

    btw, there's like a piece of ice formed on one of the internet reception thingies in my internet was out since friday :crybaby:..i feel so "disconnected" from the rest of the world...:sad: so i can only come to tPF when i'm at school..:crybaby:
  2. i also want to know about the new damier pieces...can't wait!:drool:
    sorry you had to buy a bag you did not like, but if it suits the situation and you get the job, it's well worth it! good luck....:flowers:
  3. this has been discussed b4, perhaps a search can bring you the old discussion about interview and bag, I'd say Epi for interview, b/c it's extremely low key if you all you have is LV. good luck for your interview!
  4. exactly what i said to the guy when i walked bck into the car with my "unwanted" bag..

    took the bag to sch today..hope it'll grow on me...:push:

  5. ok well yesterday i went to my LV and spent a gooood long time looking at the look book. there is one new damier that i love- comes in 3 sizes although the gm and the mm are VERY close in size. top closes like the bh, the sides come inbut neither the SA or I could tell if they snapped it or it was the shape of the bag, shoulder handles (i can't remember if they were adjustable) and the gold plate in the front. it is FABULOUS. the GM was around 1200, mm around 1000 and the pm around 900ish maybe? I think there was another damier bag but i can't remember. these are not coming out til april but i think i'm on the list for them...
  6. the one like the NH with the front plate sounds great! Thanks for the info!
  7. my pleasure. i had the BEST time looking through the book yesterday! when i went in my SA was like "ooh Heather we finally got the book in, come sit and look it over" she was dealing with something so i had a long time to look through, then we went and discussed a whole lot of the pieces. i am on the waiting list for the silver and gold dentelle ludlow and i am debating the white epi pieces- i couldn't figure out which if any i liked! and then the damier. sigh.
  8. ooh and my SA introduced me to the asst manager and said "she's like a VIC." omg i almost fell over. lol
  9. congrats!! :yahoo:

    can u tell me more about the ones you have seen? u need to be on a waitlist for the new damier bags? :wtf:

  10. so..this specific bag that u are talking about is very close a damier batignolles? if so then i won't SO!!!

  11. I did the same thing yesterday!!! I was finally able to view CLEAR pictures of all the new pieces. I am also waitlisted for the Dentelle Speedy (Gold), but after seeing the other Dentelle pieces, I am having second thoughts as the BH is also TDF. I hope they look just as great IRL.
  12. I saw that bag and it is VERY similar to the BH...the new damier bags are very nice. my dh doesn't like damier so he won't buy one for me...but considering the new styles I will have to beg for damier bag...i liked them that much...
  13. it is not exactly like a BH but it might be close. it is still not possible to SO a bh. I have been discussing it with my SA and they said maybe later this year but not now.

    i don't know if waitlisted is the right word. i was basically giving her a list of the bags I am interested in for when they come in. i dont think anyone would need to waitlist for the white epi pieces either since they're permenant but this way she knows to call me when she gets them in.

    and thanks! i seriously have never bought anything from the store so its so silly to be called VIC like or not.

    i don't remember any other damier bags- i'm sorry.
  14. thanks! what i want isn't the BH..but the regular batignolles! so u mean that it's as long as the bH?

    thanks in advance!

  15. i hope u get them from ur beloved DH... :smile:

    i should stop by a store then...