any info on the mirroir cles?

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  1. it's not on, and I haven't seen anyone have one here, so what's the deal? is it getting released later? and when? I am looking forward to getting a gold cles!!!
  2. I saw it at the store weeks ago.
  3. Call your store and see if they have any in stock.
  4. really? I asked at my local store today and they said they haven't got them yet! Also asked in London when I was there, also no cles! Does anyne have a pic? I 'd really appreciate it!
  5. wait, there's a mirroir cles? Are you serious! lol! I have not seen them!
  6. I don't think they have mirroir cles tho:confused1: What i know is they do have inventeur keyring. Sorry if this is not helpin' you:rolleyes:
  7. That is it - a key ring with a long metal chain that has a small metal plate attached.
  8. ^oh ok, then I know which one you guys are talking about!
  9. yep, the kering one, i saw in LV store, it retails for 385NZ (x0.7 = US)
  10. Hi, its not a cles its a keyring. It scratches very easily. There is one on ebay at the moment.

    here are some pics from the auction

  11. the horror! the horror! it's just a metal key ring? I thought it was the actual cles... LOL I guess it shows I'm not a frequent LVer!
  12. Cles means Key. It is not a pochette cles, if that is what you were thinking.
  13. oh it looks really prettY! Thanks Socialite for the pic.
  14. socialite, yours is gorgeous! it looks perfect on the speedy! I still wish it was an actual cles though... The mirroir line doesn't suit my style, but I'd love to own a small piece...
  15. ooh I thought by "cles" people meant the pochette cles! oops! too many LV mistakes on one thread! I should do an intesive LV knowlegde course!